Replacing the Irreplaceable: Fast Algorithm for Team Member Recommendation


Version 1.0 is available at Github.


The package contains the following files:

  • DBLP.mat: DBLP dataset, which contains co-authorship network and skills for each author

  • demo.m: a demo file showcases how to used the proposed team member replacement algorithms

  • label_direct_recommend.m: The proposed TEAMREP-BASIC algorithm

  • label_fast_exact.m: The proposed TEAMREP-FAST-EXACT algorithm

  • label_fast_approx.m: The proposed TEAMREP-FAST-APPROX algorithm

  • topfive.m: Get the top five candidates

  • authorDict.txt: Authors’ name in the DBLP dataset

  • conflist.txt: The 43 conference venues we use as authors’ skills


Please refer to demo.m and comments in each file for the detailed information.


  • Liangyue Li, Hanghang Tong, Nan Cao, Kate Ehrlich, Yu-Ru Lin, Norbou Buchler. Replacing the Irreplaceable: Fast Algorithm for Team Member Recommendation. International World Wide Web Conference (WWW), 2015. (Research Track, Acceptance Rate: 14.1%) [PDF][Slides]